The following are just some of the products that we offer. We also provide a wide range of custom solutions tailored to fit your individual needs, so if you don't see a product you need on this list, please contact us so that we can customize a product that will fit your exact need.

Dixie Crete - Castables Lining Products

RSS Dixie has available a broad range of castables to suit all applications requiring an Alumino Silicate product. Work and set times are adjusted to suit the customer's application and our materials exhibit, high refractoriness, exceptional strengths and good volume stability.

RSS Dixie castables are the flagship of our extensive range of refractories.

Gunning Mixes

Our gunning mixes are specifically designed for each individual application. This high level of customization, along with our relentless attention to detail, sets RSS Dixie apart from the competition.

Ladle Opening Compounds

Our ladle opening compounds are composed of high purity raw materials, which are blended to form a high performance product that ensures optimum opening characteristics.

Thermogen Plastics & Rams

Our plastics and rams are shipped ready for use in applications that require a flexible, free-form material with a bond system to suit all requirements.


All of our mortars are ready-mixed to each customer's desired consistency. RSS Dixie mortars are available in heat set or air set, and are available in a wide range of specifications.

Pre-Cast Refractory Shapes

Our bespoke facility can provide cost-effective solutions to eliminate on-site casting and drying.