About IFS Industries

IFS Industries is a leading producer of refractory coatings for steel, iron and nonferrous industries. These coatings are produced from zircon, mullite, olivine and silica, with additions of graphite and other important refractory additives. Packaging is provided in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and semi-bulk containers. Available solvents include both water and alcohol carriers. IFS coatings are produced to customers specialized requirements to meet the needs of the metalcasting industry.

In addition, IFS manufactures parting agents, solvents, as well as adhesives, both solvent and water based, for core and mold applications. IFS provides a full line of specialty refractories for melting, ladle and furnace application. These products are provided as plastics, rams, castables, mortars, dry products, and gunning mixes produced from alumina and magnesite bases.

These refractory products, produced for IFS by RSS Dixie, our sister company located in Bessemer, Alabama, are used throughout North America in the production of iron, steel, and non-ferrous products.

IFS and RSS Dixie are leaders in providing refractory products to meet exact customer demands in both application and quality.

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