IFS Industries' Products

The following are just some of the products offered by IFS Industries. We also provide a wide range of custom solutions tailored to fit your individual needs.


IFS produces a complete line of coatings for the foundry industry. Zircon-based coatings are our priority and include flow coating grades in both water-based and solvent-based. We also produce graphite and mullite coatings, as well.


Produced by our associated company, RSS Dixie, we offer a full line of plastics, rams, castables, mortars and specialty refractory products. We produce primarily acid based specialties, but do offer a limited selection of basic refractories for specialty applications. In addition, we have a complete line refractory ceramic fiber products.


IFS produces several grades of adhesive for a wide variety of foundry applications, including solvent based, water based, and oil based (shell molding). These products are available in a variety of packaging, including 3 pound (quart) bottles. We also have hot melt adhesives available.

Specialty Sands - Oxides

IFS represents producers of specialty sands such as DuPont for zirconia based and Prince Minerals for chromite sands. We stock Chesapeake Specialty SphereOx, the premier iron oxide for all foundry applications.

Alloys - Inoculants

A complete line of Elkem’s silicon based ferroalloys. Superseed Specialty inoculants.

Other Products

Cope seal, solvents, non-silica parting, iron oxides, DuPont Starblast, Dow Corning silicone releases, iron filler cement, baumé gauges, hot melt adhesives, sodium silicates.